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Board Skate: 3D Skate Game


A 3D game where you skate around a skateboard park on a snowboard. Jump around a variety of parks as you do dynamic air and rail tricks.Main progress is to unlock new stages by high score. There are several modes "ScoreAttack", "FreeRide", "TimeAttack", "AcrossTheDeck", "DownhillJumpSpin". Enjoy freedom.Features- SCORE ATTACK MODE: link tricks and aim for a high score- FREE RIDE MODE: no rules, no time limits- Tweak your parameters with a wide range of gear and items (speed, height, rotations)
Unleash tricksGrabs: indy, melancholy, tail, nose, method, etc.Rail: normal, tailpress, nosepress, etc.Spin: flat, flip, 3DSkate: kickflip, monsterflip, christair, etc.
Skating ScoresThe app assigns detailed scores to your tricks based on how cool they are. It evaluates your height in the air, speed, number of spins, and number of combinations as the basic criteria, and then takes into account your landing skills, use of the park, and level of difficult of the tricks.
Note:Game may not function as intended on some devices.Does not support data synching or restoring.Stay tuned:We plan to keep adding parks, items, and tricks after release.